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Apollo 3-Port Air Mattress System-Model 4600

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Item Number: 4600
Apollo 3-Port Air Mattress System-Model 4600
Apollo 3-Port Air Mattress System-Model 4600
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Apollo 3-Port Mattress System- Model 4600


The Apollo 3-Port Alternating Air Pressure Mattress System with Low Air Loss incorporates the features that clinicians demand for their patients in a portable system. The mattress utilizes 18 independent 8? deep air cells to provide pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers. User friendly controls and ease of setup make Apollo 3-Port ideal for institutional use and the home-bound patient. The mattress is designed to fit all standard hospital beds. Apollo 3-Port support patient weights up to 350 lbs. Apollo 3-Port meets California Technical Bulletin #117 for fire retardancy. An optional fire barrier is available to meet the most stringent fire safety requirements when requested.

Bladders: Ventilated bladders low air loss include 40 air holes in sacral and torso areas to help minimize skin maceration by reducing excess moisture under patient. Ventilated bladders assist with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Air cells are constructed of (TPU) thermal polyurethane, laminated to a medical grade nylon. Dual bladder design prevents patients from bottoming out, while sitting up and will maintain air during power outages. Four bladder heel section provides advanced dynamic therapy specific to the prevention and treatment of heel ulcers.

CPR Valve: CPR Valve quickly deflates mattress system for medical emergencies.
Cover: Vyvex-III multi-directional stretch fabric transfers moisture away from the patients skin. The cover is low shear, washable, anti-microbial, fluid resistant and fire retardant. Cover is loose fitting and will conform to the patient.
Side Rail System for Patient Safety: Shown with optional SRS, Side Rail System.

Pump Control Unit Features Unique 3-Port design provides continuous air flow to the 3? static air base of mattress.
  • Alternating mode offers the benefit of alternating pressure therapy and reactive hyperemia. This helps to redistribute pressure well below 32mmHg.
  • Variable Cycle Time 10, 15 & 20 minutes
  • Control dial adjusts mattress from soft to firm for patient comfort.
  • Normal Pressure Alert indicates that system is operating correctly.
  • Low Pressure Alert indicates that output needs to be increased for heavier patients or accidental
    disconnection of hoses.

Adjustable Pump comes with adjustable hanger brackets to secure unit to bed. fits all makes of hospital beds.

Product Information Sheet

  • UOM: EA
  • HCPCS: E0277
  • Dimensions: 35" x 80" x 8"

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