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Trach Kit Sterile (20/Case)

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Item Number: 637373_CS
Trach Kit Sterile (20/Case)
Sterile Trach Kit
Trach Kit Sterile (20/Case)
Trach Kit with glvs
GL Code 640500
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Tracheostomy Care Kits Includes:

1 Plastic Tray with 3 Compartments (4600 Has 1 Compartment)

1 Twill Tape 30"

2 Cotton Tipped Applicators 6"

1 Trachea Tube Brush

1 Pre-Cut Gauze Tracheostomy Dressing 4 Gauze Sponges, 4"НЬ4"

1 Pair Sterile Powder Free Vinyl Exam Glvs

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